Minister José Serra

Opening as a priority

Message from the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Services Chancellor, José Serra

One of the priorities I have set to the new agenda in our foreign policy is the emphasis on unrestricted opening of new markets, on investment attraction and on increasing our sales abroad. Thus, foreign policy can help more concretely in the resumption of economic growth of our country and in the creation of job positions.

With regard to foreign direct investment (FDI), I point out that the federal government is not alone in the task of attracting investments from external partners for strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. We have always relied on the valuable support of states and municipalities, always willing to cooperate and offer renewed vigor to the activities to promote both the image of Brazil and investment opportunities.

An example of these efforts is the work of the Commercial and Business Association of Minas Gerais (ACMinas), which has sought to disseminate economic and financial data of the state, its economic reality and the facilities to do business in Minas Gerais. This information, as well as concrete investment opportunities in the “mineiro” state, were compiled in the Minas Gerais Business Guide 2017. I am sure that the guide will be an important tool for attracting FDI to priority sectors of the State economy, which can contribute to the generation of more and better jobs, in addition to economic development focused on sustainability, innovation and creativity.

I wish you all the success in this project to internationalize the State of Minas Gerais. You can always count on our support.

José Serra
Minister of Foreign Affairs

November 30,2016.