Message from the publisher

Message from the publisher

ACMinas reinforces its position as a major player in the development of Minas Gerais. Forward, outward, into the future – ACMinas positions itself as an international business ACCELERATOR, supported by  institutional partners and large sponsors.

We want to show off Minas Gerais, to display the multifaceted characteristics of its business environment to the world.

The 5th and renewed edition of the Minas Gerais Business Guide 2016/2017 as well as the digital versions in 5 languages will enable companies that want to attract international partners or to access new markets with their products, whether selling or buying, to exhibit in the language of that market organized content, capable of effectively contribute to the completion of the deals. A showcase of quality and competitiveness – a tool for the resumption of economic growth in Minas Gerais and Brazil.


Mónica Cordeiro


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