President Lindolfo Paoliello

A space for investments where culture is the driving force of development

_DSC0346“The problem is not to invent. It is to be invented”, poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade wrote. A country or region, as well as a desired product, needs to find a narrative. Brazil has not yet found its narrative. That, however, has been clearly perceived and told by outsiders, such as Domenico De Masi, who in his book “The Future Has Come” wrote about Brazil: “There is no country in the world that would not want to have relations with this economic colossus.” He lists, exhaustively, what for an investor subtly and decisively surpasses the prognoses of a risk analysis agency. But instead, I replace such description with an invitation for the reader to visit this country which will then reveal itself.

There is this region in Brazil, Minas Gerais, in which one observes a curious fact: the attributes that make up its narrative are so dense, and perceived with such spontaneity in the native way of being, the “spirit of Minas”, that soon enough an empathy arises which makes the visitor feel at home. But it is in the context of work that this “spirit of Minas” is revealed in a remarkable way, where the “mineiro” (a native from Minas Gerais) makes the difference in both by their common sense and balance as well as by a strong tenacity from which the notion that a “mineiro” never gives up.

Such option for the way of being of its people as a differential advantage of Minas Gerais begins to make sense when one observes the ease and efficiency with which the so-called “human resources” weighed in the rapid and successful transformation of the rural economy of Minas Gerais into an industrial economy in the 70’s. It is worth as an introduction to the new framework that is designed in the economic horizon of this State, based on intelligence and knowledge, in an environment of innovation and technology strongly anchored in the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in the growing capacity of young people in the best universities in the world and – a remarkable fact – driven by a spirit of freedom that leads to escape from the inelasticity of wages. Minas is leading the way in the creation of startups in Brazil, it is one of the national leaders in microelectronics and ICT, has one of the main poles of development in nanotechnology and UFMG leads the ranking of patent depositors in Brazil, with emphasis on biotechnology. Knowledge, innovation and technology are the keys to Minas Gerais’ new development model, a space in the eighth largest economy in the world that cultivates culture as a civilizing element.

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Lindolfo Paoliello


ACMinas-Commercial and Business Association of Minas