Minas Gerais Investor Suport System







The ACMinas – Associação Comercial de Minas (Commercial Association) is more than a business class entity. ACMinas has been working over a century pursuing development and social equity.

ACMinas ethical behavior and expertise support companies through institutional representation.
ACMinas works through several Entrepreneurial Councils arranged by subjects, capable to meet the companies demands.

The Entrepreneurial Council for International Affairs coordinates the project Internationalize BH and supports companies in its insertion in the global productive chains.

www. internacionalizabh.com.br
Contact: internacionalizabh@acminas.com.br



Codemig – the company for Economical Development of Minas Gerais is a public organization controled by the state of Minas Gerais. Codemig’s mission is to create more investments opportunities and enhance competitiveness in the productive sector of Minas Gerais.





Fiemg system works to contribute to the industry of Minas Gerais pursuing results which supports its competitiveness.

Expand System:
The process of internationalization of Minas Gerais´ industries and the attraction of foreign investments are on the spotlight of strategies of FIEMG “Expand”, which is the Federation´s international business program.

This initiative provides services such as issuance of origin certificate, assistance and consultancy in foreign trade for those companies in Minas Gerais which aims at expanding their business worldwide. Additionally, it offers services for companies which also intend to invest in the state such as support to find and choose “site location” and access to sources of funding and advantages.



The commercial registry of Minas Gerais – JUCEMG execute and administrate, services of Public Registration of Commercial Companies (Board of Trade) according to what is stated in Federal Legislation, as well as foster, ease and simplify business and companies registry in accordance with economic and social development policies of the State.



The Investment Promotion Agency of Minas Gerais – INDI – assists entrepreneurs at all stages of investment, from the conception to the operational phase of the projects.

The Agency has multilingual professionals, experts in various economic sectors who are prepared to receive and meet the needs of entrepreneurs interested in establish a company in Minas Gerais. All the services provided by the Institute are free of costs for entrepreneurs.



Minas Gerais Development Bank – BDMG, is committed to Minas Gerais development and Its performance is based on three main elements: financial solutions for those companies which aim to grow along with innovation and sustainability; spread and ease access to credit for micro and small companies; partnership with Minas Gerais State and of the municipalities supporting project implementation and public policies including investment attraction.