Foreign Representations in Minas Gerais and Chambers of Commerce


Minas Gerais counts on active Chambers of Commerce and has seen an expressive growth of diplomatic representations.

The different chambers of commerce working in Minas Gerais offer relevant services to their members, creating a great environment for Minas Gerais and their respective countries so that companies can do business and boost their performances.

Some of the main services provided include business prospection, safe partners identification, foreign trade support. It is also important to mention institutional actions and all the events promoted in order do integrate business and culture.

Get to know more about these Chambers of Commerce present in Minas Gerais.


American Chamber of Commerce

16 years acting in Belo Horizonte

Amcham leads actions for global insertion and entrepreneurs’ qualification in Minas Gerais

Over 400 companies are members of the regional office of the biggest American Chamber outside USA.

In Belo Horizonte, 400 companies compose the operation local scale of Amcham- Brazil, that  is a  97 year-old institution, counts on around 5,000 business partners, the biggest among the 104 American Chambers present in the world.

AMCHAM can be defined in three words: networking, content and advocacy.

Amcham promoted in 2015 several mission-trips to The Unites States focusing on innovation service for health, entrepreneurship, IT, investments in Brazil.

Along with Brazilian entrepreneurs AMCHAM effectively contributes to prepare a new cycle of growth in Minas Gerais and Brazil.

Some companies with a US capital that operates in Minas Gerais:

Accenture Automation & Industrial Solutions , AIG, Alcoa Aluminio S/A, American Airlines , AMG Mineração S.A., Astec Industries, Black & Decker, Bunge Fertilizantes S.A, Cargill, Caterpillar, Chubb Seguros, Citibank, Tyson Foods, Delphi Automotive Systems, Du Pont, EY, Esco Corporation, GE Energy Management – Industrial Solutions, GE Healthcare, GE Power Conversion, GE Transportation, Google, IBM, Jabil Circuit, Lear Corporation, Liberty Seguros, Monsanto, Microsoft, Oracle, Pepsico, Elma Chips, White Martins Gases Industriais, Progress Rail Services (a Caterpillar Company), MGE, Railtex, St. Jude Medical, Terex Corporation, Wal-Mart.

55 (31) 2126-9750



Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce (CCB) is a non-profit organization formally recognized by Brazilian and Chinese governments and has offices in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and in China (Shangai).

CCB offers different services in its departments, as follows:

“CBB Prospection”:  finding  Chinese partners, surveys to verify track records, regarding, market research and a broad range of services in relation to their contact to Chinese Company;

“CBB Foreign Trade”:  support to import and export goods,   support to transport logistics of goods, customs clearance, researches on taxes levied on goods to be imported and exported.

“CBB Institutional”: assistance on travel and mission arrangements, applying for Brazilian and Chinese Visa, translators, In addition to marketing promotion and all cultural and business events.

China and the state of Minas Gerais

The Republic of China is the world’s second largest economies and the largest exporter and importer. China is today the main commercial partner to several countries, including Brazil.

In 2015, Brazil-China accounted for US$66,3 billion according to the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services (MDIC).

In 2015, China remained as main destination of Minas’ exports, accounting for 24% of total exports in the year (US$ 5,264 billion). In addition, the country was the second main supplier with 17 % of imports,  US$ 1,495 billion.

Olympic Games Rio 2016

The Chinese Delegation was among other 16 that chose the state of Minas Gerais to host the trainings and preparation for  the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Some Chinese (capital) companies that operates in Minas Gerais:

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG);, Group;Hangzhou Cogeneration Import and Export Company Limited;

Telefone: 55 31 3262-2801



India Brazil Chamber of Commerce (IBCC)

Minas Gerais and India, Cases of success and main activities

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce (IBCC) was founded in 2003 and has more than 13 years in assisting Indian and Brazilian companies to increase bilateral relationships.

IBCC headquarter is in Belo Horizonte,   in the same building as the A.H. Consulate of India in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, supported by the India Embassy in Brazil and the Brazilian Embassy in India.  IBCC counts also on  offices in Rio de Janeiro and New Delhi.

IBCC has assisted companies as Infosys,  ArcelorMittal,  ACG, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Genpact to set up and start their business in Minas Gerais and in Brazil,  some  impacting and successful examples.

IBCC has  Brazilian and Indian companies as members, including major players in the mining and steel sector, automotive companies, IT corporations and large corporations in the pharmaceutical industry.

This Chamber of Commerce also has taken business and official delegations to India since 2004, with a special highlight to the follow-up of the Official Delegations of the Brazilian Presidents in 2004, 2007 and 2012.

Since its foundation, IBCC seeks to assist the entry of Indian companies in Brazil, especially in Minas Gerais, and also helps on the exports of Brazilian´s products to India.

It is worth mentionings some cases of success over these 13 years:

  • the partnership between Tata and Marcopolo for the manufacturing of buses in India (2004);
  • market and exports studying of Cachaça Diva for the Indian market (2006), being that the first Brazilian cachaça (typical beverage) to enter in the Indian market;
  • establishment of the Information Technology company Infosys in Minas Gerais (2009);
  • exportation of Havaianas for the Indian market (2011);
  • establishment of the Indian BPO company Genpact in Uberlândia (2012);
  • plant establishment for the Indian pharmaceutical company AGC Worldwide in Pouso Alegre – MG (2013-14).
  • establishment of Zetrasoft, a Fintech Company from Minas Gerais, in India.

A relevant strategy for the relation between the two countries is the participation in international fairs. In 2016, IBCC leaded two highly successful delegations of entrepreneurs to an IT (INDIASOFT, in march) and a pharmaceutical (IPHEX, In may)  fairs  T

The India Brazil Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a reference on the relationship between two important members of the BRICS and is available to assist Brazilian and Indian companies to build and consolidate commercial, political, diplomatic and social bonds between Brazil and India.

Trade Balance Minas Gerais & India 2015

Exports (goods and services): US$ 383.35 million. In 2015, India was the tenth destination for exports of Minas Gerais.  

Imports (goods and services):  US$ 152.09 million. In the year, India was the fifteenth provider for Minas Gerais market.

Some Indian companies that operate in Minas Gerais:

Arcelor Mittal, Novelis do Brasil (Hindalco Industries), Sai Udyog Ltd

Tel.: +55 31 3055-3836



Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture Brazil-Mozambique (CCIABM)

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture Brazil-Mozambique (CCIABM) – founded in March, 2008- is an economic non-profit association. It counts on an  operational head office in Belo Horizonte , other  8 offices in Brazil and in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital .

CCIABM works on a broad range field of services: organization of seminars, cultural events, dissemination of products, conducting studies and market research, among other services.

The CCIABM gathers its efforts to meet its clients demands, performing a customized work along with the partners companies according to their market needs and also supporting them in a strategic business development of the Brazilian and Mozambican markets.

Mozambique and Brazil

Mozambique is a Portuguese speaking country located in the African Continent, with approximately 26 million inhabitants. 

Mozambique recorded an important economic development with a growing GDP at an average rate of 7 to 8% a year.  Its GDP reached 14, 67 billion of dollars in 2013.

Relations between Brazil and the African country have been intensifying each year.

In 2015, Brazil exported a total of R$ 69 million to Mozambique and imported an amount of R$ 18 million.  The most exported goods to that country are tractors, and Mozambique’s most imported goods are fuel oils and mineral axes. There are several Brazilian companies in Mozambique.

Phone: +55-31-3243-3012.


France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce  CCFB

CCFB has 114 years of existence and more than 900 associates among French and Brazilian companies, representing a broad range of sectors.

CCFB’S  offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Paraná create a net of articulated actions in the country allowing its associates to set new partnerships and develop new business opportunities.

Its  service portfolio and actions promoted by the events department allows its  associates to expand their relations, access privileged information and also benefit from promotions and commercial advantages.

CCFB has an important institutional presence in the state of Minas Gerais and  facilitates the relationships between its members and French Official Bodies in Brazil.

CCFB  acts as an interlocutor of a wide range of French Official Bodies in the world among which we highlight: Assemblée des Chambres Françaises de Commerce et d’Industrie (ACFCI), Union des Chambres de Commerce Françaises à l’Etranger (UCCIFE), Conseil National du Patronat Français (CNPF).

The CCFB is also a partner of all Regionals Chambers of France in France and in the World, totaling 113 chambers in 83 countries. CCFB still integrates the Council Chambers of Commerce of European Union, favoring a solid action of the European business community in Brazil.

Opportunities and French presence in Minas Gerais

The bilateral relation between Brazil and France have increased 7% if compared to EUR 7.2 million trade registered in 2014.

Since 2000, the Franco-Brazilian trade has experienced an average increase of 4% a year.

in 2015, French exports to Brazil achieved a huge amount of EUR 4,8 million, what ranks Brazil as 17th client of France.

French imports in Brazil, in turn, add up to EUR 2.92 billion, in 2015, a slight growth of 1.8% compared to 2014 (EUR 2.86 billion).

Minas Gerais has attracted French investors for its location, high quality universities and also by its amazing and war welcoming.

France has a strong and diverse economical presence in the State investing in strategic sectors along with heavy industry, aerospace, food and energy. CCFB works hard to intensify this presence.

Some examples of companies that operate in Minas Gerais: Aperam, Danone, Helibras (Airbus Helicopters), GDF-Suez (Tractebel Engineering and Leme Engenharia), Saint-Gobain, Snef, Vallourec Vinci, Systra, Skema Business School.

Phone.: +55 31 3213-1576



Italian Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1995, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handcraft of Minas Gerais was officially recognized by the Italian government in 1998 and its mission is to consolidate itself as an efficient  and influential reference on the promotion of commercial, political, institutional and academic cooperation between Minas Gerais and Italy, aiding Brazilian and Italian companies in their internationalization process and on the strategic partnership development.

The Chamber is a member of “Assocamerestero” a co-operation net composed by 80 Italian Chamber, distributed into 55 countries which gathers more than 25.000 members. Besides that, it composes the Euro chamber of Minas Gerais,  remaining in the presidency for a two-year period 2016-2017.

Considering its institutional role, the Italian-Brazilian Chamber works as a facilitator for relations between Italy and Brazil encouraging the exchange of experiences in the different economic sectors and establishing key-partnership with public and private institutions, in Brazil and Italy, creating a strong cooperation net.

By 2017, the Italian-Brazilian Chamber will be organizing corporate missions to the largest and most important Italian fairs:

  • VicenzaOro (Jewelry International Fair);
  • Sigep (International Exhibition of ice cream, pastry and Craft Bakery),
  • Mecspe (Transformation Industry Sector Showroom),
  • Marmomacc (Marble, technology, design and processes in ornamental rocks Fair),
  • Host Milano (Hospitality, Restaurants and Coffee Shops),
  • Mercante in Fiera ( Objects of Antiquity, Collection, and Objects for Modern decoration International Showroom),
  • Ecomondo (Environment Sector),
  • Rem Tech Expo (Recovery of damaged areas, and territorial requalification Sector) and
  • Vinitaly ( Wine and beverages sector), among others.

In 2017 it will continue to promote the seminars entitled “Business Dialogues”: events planned to discuss relevant themes that directly influence national and International business.

The seal of quality “Ospitalità Italiana – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo” will continue to be granted to restaurants proven to be typically Italian in Minas Gerais. The project  worldwide organized by Uniocamere (Union of Italian Chamber of Commerce in the World) and overseen  by Isnart (Italian Institute for Tourist Researches), supported by the Ministry of Tourism and by Economic Development and International Affairs from Italy, certifies the excellence of the typically Italians restaurants in the world. In Minas Gerais, the Chamber is responsible for certifying the establishments which for the quality of the Italian cuisine by gathering information, pictures and testimonies that are strictly evaluated by the competent bodies in Italy.

Another important event will be the “Smart Mobility Fair” which will be held in Belo Horizonte in September/October 2017.

Trade Balance Minas Gerais & Italy

The balance of the trade between Brasil and Italy finished the year of 2015 surplus fund in US$ 41.42 million, as well as Minas Gerais’ balance related to the world finished in surplus fund in US$ 13.23 billion.

The amount of exports from Minas Gerais to Italy were US$ 708.10 million, while imports were 666.68 million

Some Italian capital companies that operate in Minas Gerais

Aethra, CNH Industrial, Comau, Fassa Bortolo, FCA Group, Ferrero, Fiat Group, Sada, Iveco, Magneti Marelli, Rima, Stevanato and Ternium.


Tel.: +55 (31) 3287-2211.

Brazil Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Minas Gerais

Brazil Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Minas Gerais

The Brazil Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded more than 50 years ago. It is a non-profit entity aimed to create links between Brazilian and Israeli companies and entities, broadening economic and trade relationship.

Through commercial missions, events and activities, we overcome the geographical distances and cultural differences between the two countries.

Our pillars are entrepreneurship, innovation, free initiative and democracy, the modern strands of the Judaism concept “Tikun Olam” that means make the world a better place.

The Free Trade Agreement between Mercosul and Israel signed in April 28, 2010 removes barriers for trading goods and facilitates growth and diversification. In addition, it increases cooperation in areas of technology and R&D, and tightens cultural, political and social ties.

In 2016, CAMBICI of Minas Gerais was established to develop a deeper environment and create business opportunities to the State in sectors of mutual interest like water management, agriculture, startups, health, education, clean energy, security and sustainability, among others.

With approximately US$ 2bi of bilateral trade between Brazil and Israel, the State of Minas Gerais represents only 5% of this number. Since Minas Gerais is the second largest exporter in Brazil, CAMBICI of Minas Gerais has the challenge to improve significantly this trading.

Israel is a large importer due to its small territorial extension and low availability of natural resources which brings great opportunity to Minas Gerais exporters.

Israel can be also a strategic partner for the State due to its needs to move from an economy based on raw material exportation to a value-added products and services economy improved by Israeli state-of-the-art technology.

Phone.: +55 31 99974-0939



Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

The Portuguese Chamber of Commerce,  founded in 1996, has a growing and preponderant role to narrow bilateral economic relations.


By means of market profile preparation, the national and international match-making , corporate missions in which there are discussions regarding renewable energy, real estate market, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, and information of technology, support to set up business in Brazil and in Portugal, by events and lectures, among others. The Chamber not only serves as a first contact for companies that wants to expand to Portugal, but it also works as a support for Portuguese companies that are already based in Minas Gerais. Thus, we count on a member list in which have a range of interests and areas.

Why is Portugal a strategic partner?

The common elements that bring together countries, especially the language, the culture and history clearly favors the existence of new business and the creation of promising opportunities. In addition, Portugal´s privileged location, being considered the Europe´s most strategic place regarding its geographic position, which allows internationalization development considering the European Union.

foto11Why is Minas Gerais a potential market?

For all investors who target Brazil as an emerging economy, Minas Gerais is the best place to approach their business. Over the past few years, Minas Gerais’ government has created and invested on a broad range of projects designed to the commerce aiming at being the best state for international business, thus contributing, for diversification, adding value and a sustainable growth for Minas Gerais and the country.

Since 2008 Portugal and Minas Gerais have benefited from their relations with a non-stop flight from Lisbon to Portugal by TAP, this flight has not only risen the number of foreign tourists, and business trade between Minas Gerais and Europe, but also the trade relations between Minas Gerais and Portugal.

Trade balance Minas Gerais & Portugal

Minas Gerais’ imports from Portugal reached US$ 10.07 million in 2015. The main imported goods were: fish, automobiles engines and their parts, and general components.

Exports from Minas Gerais to Portugal were US$ 47.70 million in 2015. The main exported goods were: automobiles engines and their parts, ripe and roasted coffee, and wire – machines and rods of iron and steel.
Minas Gerais accounted for 10.9% of exports and 3.9% of total imports in Brazil on July 2016, according to the results of the Brazilian Trade Balance.


Since 2008 Portugal  and Minas Gerais have benefited from their relations with a non-stop flight from Lisbon to Portugal by TAP

There is a current estimate that about 600 Portuguese companies or Portuguese capital share are operating in Brazil. Over the past ten years, Brazilian investments in Portugal have increased more than 250%.

Some Portuguese companies that operate in Minas Gerais:
EMPA (Teixeira Duarte Group); Construtora Brasil (Mota-Engil Group); ISQ Brasil; TAP Portugal; SABSEG (Minas Insurance).

Contact :
Phone: +55 31 3213-1557

“Since 2008 Portugal and Minas Gerais have benefited from their relations with a non-stop flight from Lisbon to Portugal by TAP”

Minas Gerais has been living a new great moment in the diplomatic scene

New British Consulate- Generalfoto12

In 2015 a new British Consulate-General was open in Belo Horizonte.

The British Consulate-General in Belo Horizonte represents Britain in Minas Gerais. The UK has a history in Minas Gerais dating back centuries and now is looking to the future, aiming to work with local partners to strengthen bilateral commercial engagement.

The Consulate’s main role is to promote trade and investment links between the UK and Minas Gerais. Through the Department for International Trade (DIT) it helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy by mapping out opportunities and counselling. Offer professional, reliable and personalised assistance to local companies bring their high-quality investment to UK`s dynamic economy.

The commercial priority sectors in Brazil are Oil & Gas, Mining, Defence & Security, Financial Services, Water & Sanitation, Healthcare, Food & Drink and Education.


 New Representatives in Minas Gerais

In 2016 new honorary representation contribute to reinforce Minas Gerais international connections to the world: Denmark, South Korea and Uruguay are some examples.

Consulates in Belo Horizonte




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