Aloysio Nunes Ferreira

Strong Commitment to Brazil’s Growth

MREBrazil is currently going through a moment of renewed hope. The resumption of growth includes the recovery of employment levels, inflation within the target and downward trajectory of interest rates and the expansion of trade flows and foreign direct investment.

The improvement in the set of economic indicators is not a result of chance: the commitment to growth and job creation, the responsible public management and the maturity of institutions is reflected in robustness in the economy and resilience to crises, which, as a consequence reinforces confidence – internal and external – in Brazil.

In this context, I established objectives for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which align it with the efforts of the Federal Government to boost the economic recovery of our country. Diplomatic action has proved valuable in opening new markets to Brazilian products, expanding our exports and attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). In line with the private sector and with states and municipalities, Itamaraty has been increasingly successful in these tasks.

The Commercial and Business Association of Minas (ACMinas) plays a very important role in presenting the State as a destination for business and investment. The annual editions of the Minas Gerais Business Guide have disseminated fundamental information about the state economy, business environment and investment opportunities among foreign entrepreneurs. Each year, more and more foreign investors find in the guide a reference for the elaboration of their business strategies, increasingly directed to one of the biggest and most prosperous States of the Federation.

I am sure that this 2018 edition of the Minas Gerais Business Guide will once again serve as an instrument for attracting and facilitating foreign direct investments into Minas Gerais’ economy, contributing to the continuation of the recovery of growth and employment in Minas Gerais and in Brazil. I wish you all a great deal of success in this endeavor, to which Itamaraty will always give its full support.

Aloysio Nunes Ferreira
Ministry of  Foreign Affairs